The Superstars

Welcome fantasy fans to the raw and bare all Superstars of Fantasy Challenge. We have constructed a juggernaut of a league that leaves no stone unturned in search for the ultimate fantasy monster. If this battle was hand to hand combat, it would be the UFC’s ugly big brother, held in a barbed wire cage. With more bite than Mike Tyson and will make you tap faster than Rhonda Rousey.

What we have planned for you this coming season is a weekly view of how we do what we do. Every week I will break down the head to head battles, the outstanding waiver wire pickups and a little insight from some of your favourite fantasy analysts. You’ll get to see some beautiful beards, hear a plethora of sweet serenading voices and a couple of faces constructed purely for radio as the battle will spill out onto the streets, YouTube and podcasts all season long.

You can follow the ESPN fantasy page HERE

Allow me to introduce the team.

The Superstars of Fantasy

Josh Lloyd

Josh has fast become a powerhouse on the fantasy scene with the most in depth videos, pods and an amazing cast of special guests over at . With a spot this season writing for Basketball Monster, the future is bright for Josh. Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock, you will already know the man and his beard so mighty that it makes Chuck Norris tremble.

Sam Macey

The man who once owned the corner 3 on the Phoenix Suns practice court, Sam is a fantasy beast and THE unrivalled, genius creator of amazing fantasy puns that you will ever cross paths with. Sam works tirelessly throughout the season to help your fantasy squad at The Fantasy Fix and brings you some of the most in depth, expert mock drafts in the game.

Seth Klein
Seth IS the fantasy supernova who never sleeps, the waiver wire God, one of the hardest working, knowledgable and friendliest guys on the planet. You can find Seth working his tail off as Editor at @RotoWriters. Writer at @TheFantasyFix and @Razzball. Ranker at FantasyPros.

Kyle McKeown
Kyle is a beacon of fantasy light and managing editor of NBA content for You can also hear Kyle ripping up the airwaves at

Zack Rewis

Zack Rewis, The self styled Ambassador of Quan. The man started playing fantasy ball in the 10th grade (1999) from any class that had a computer with internet access. He began helping the masses in 2013, and is now the Senior NBA writer at The Fantasy Fix.

Matt Smith
Matt is an NBA Fantasy Writer for @RotoWireNBA, @fantasyhoopspod and @FantasyProsNBA and Podcaster for @redrock_bball. With a plate so full Rosie O’donnell would turn and walk away, Matt is a monster on the fantasy court and an incredible man if you’re looking for a little help with your fantasy decisions.

Matt Leslie
Matt Leslie is a first class ‘sleeper’ in regard to fantasy basketball gurus. Initially plying his trade at NBA Nation Australia, Matt gained a reputation for his outlandish, though scaringly accurate fantasy projections. The self proclaimed Reggie Miller of fantasy knows what he’s good at and he’s not afraid to let you know about it. If you’re looking for some fantasy knowledge plated with a nice side of smack talk, then look no further.

Matt Bohannan
Matt is one of the founders of Fantasy Couch. He is the fantasy basketball editor and answers all basketball related Twitter questions on the @fantasycouch account. He’s going into the 15th year of fantasy basketball experience and several as commissioner. After years of predictions and giving fantasy advice, Matt is getting recognition as one of the elite fantasy basketball experts on the Internet.

Tom Hersz
Tom is the NBA Fantasy and NBA Draft Expert plus an NBA & NBL Feature Writer for Downtownball. Just when you think someone may have some spare time, Tom also throws his hand in as a guest writer for @NBA_AU. A self-proclaimed Chris Mullin tragic, there’s only so much Tom to go around, but luckily he has laced up the boots to punish the rest of the Superstars this season. If his picks are as accurate as a Mully jump shot, watch out!

Mark Kaplan
With a resume’ that reads like a Superstar, that is exactly what Mark is, Lookout fantasy fans. Video Producer, Head NBA Analyst, NBA and DFS guru at the Fantasy Alarm Mark brings with him a couple of iron plated boxing gloves and a knuckle duster, ready to make a mess of the competition.

Stephen Brown
Stephen Brown is another man behind the success of the Worldwide Fantasy series of fantasy leagues. Stephen has taken some of the biggest guns of fantasy to school and earned respect amongst the masses. Once banned from competing against his own friends and family in fantasy sports, he will be right in the thick of the action.

Matt McLean
@wwfantasyteam and founder of The Worldwide Fantasy Series.
And right here is the face for radio I mentioned earlier. This year I am honoured to be the host of this amazing show. I will be going to extreme lengths to bring you an up close and in depth view of how we fantasy analysts do what we do on a weekly basis. Strap yourself in fantasy ballers and smoke em if you got em.

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