Superstars Draft Analysis

The draft is now complete! With 3 weeks until the season starts, we can now analyse the teams and people can start to find who they want to barrack for. With a little help from each and every one of you, we will rank the teams from 1-12 to determine who you think deserves to be at the top of the power rankings.

One thing was certain from the second round, the guys all had their own strategy. We witnessed teams punting all types of categories and let’s face it, with the level of competition and fantasy smarts in this league, it was going to be an uphill battle to build a 9 cat juggernaut.


Let’s take a stroll through the league and break down how the teams fared. I’ll list the teams in draft order so as to make it easy for everyone…..

Kyle Mckeown – @RotokyleNBA

RotoKyle photo image4_zpskaj0xu2u.jpeg

Kyle was out of the gate at pick one and there was no way Davis was slipping past him here. At first glance you can’t help but love the beginning of this team! Davis, Oladipo, Hayward, Giannis and Monroe are all excellent fantasy pieces. When Kyle added the assists and steals of Rubio and Carter-Williams, the team took another great turn, further bolstering his defensive strengths.

Strengths: Reb, Assists, Stl, Blks

Weaknesses: FG%, Pts, 3’s

Sam Macey @macetastic

Macey photo image11_zpsmtwwad56.jpeg

This team is a work of art, everywhere you look throughout the roster someone owns a statistic that is worth something. With Curry, Lowry, Batum, Beal and McCollum, there’s an enormous amount of 3’s made. Noel provides the blocks and adds to the high level of steals, while CJ McCollum and Aaron Gordon are the exact players you want near the end of your draft, guys who can smash their ADP.

Strengths: 3’s, Ast, Stl, t.o

Weaknesses: Pts, Blk, FG%

Seth Klein @SethDaSportsMan

SethDa photo image5_zpsyeciyfbv.jpeg

Seth has an all star cast of players on this roster. He has touched on a tactic very close to zero point guard and yet with Rondo, Harden, Ellis and Bryant he could still have four guys averaging 5+ assists per game. This is the perfect team to roster DeAndre Jordan also as nearly every other player shoots at a clip above .800%.

Strengths: Pts, Reb, Ast, Stl, Blk

Weaknesses: Age and health.

Zack Rewis @BigZack44

Zack photo image1_zpsp8untvzo.jpeg

At pick 4, Big Zack rolled with Durant. You cannot argue with that pick here, a healthy KD evens the playing field for value on the top 4 players to draft this season. From top to bottom of this roster there aren’t any question marks. The only glaring issue here may be a lack of assists but with Durant, the Gasol brothers, Love, Thomas, Wade and Parsons the firepower is there to hold down a high number of wins.

Strengths: Pts, Reb, Blk, FG%, FT%

Weaknesses: Ast, Stl

Matt Smith @SmanSports

MattSmith photo image3_zps9r4e7kow.jpeg

In the tale of many Matt’s, Mr Smith was the first Matt on the clock and didn’t he come out swinging with Mr Russell Westbrook!. there are just so many players to like on this list and when looking at this collection, you understand why Matt is a giant killer. Every player on this team has a defined purpose with the only knock being a slight lack of point guard depth begind Westbrook and Evans ( who is PG/SG/SF eligible). this team projects amongst the league leaders in 3’s, rebounds, blocks and turnovers and a very healthy combined FT% of .773 to take a great chance of a 5-4 win at the very least each week.

Strengths: 3’s, Reb, Blk, t.o

Weaknesses: Pts, Ast

Tom Hersz @tomhersz

Herszy photo image10_zpsbsucw9i6.jpeg

There is not one single wasted pick on this squad! From the very first pick in Lebron to the very last pick in Kaminski, every player was selected in just the right spot and Tom should be very happy with how his team has turned out. The spread of talent and stats are right there, also with a couple of rookies for a late season surge, this team will be dangerous when it matters. Herszy managed to land Derrick Rose at pick 66 which could prove to be a big shot either way depending on health.

Strengths: Pts, Ast, FT%

Weaknesses: 3’s, Reb, Stl, Blk

Matt McLean @wwfantasyteam

METTA photo image12_zpswetyxnid.jpeg

Picking out of 7 I generally find a tough ask, personally I’d rather pick at the end of the draft of if I can’t make it inside the top 4 but, I am relatively happy with how this draft turned out. I opted for Cousins over Paul this year as the word in Sactown is that Karl is going to up the pace. There are a couple of questionable picks here in Dieng at #55 (which is basically his ceiling) and Deron Williams at #79 but I can justify those picks for need. With Dieng I was banking on KAT getting in rookie foul trouble and the age/health issues of Garnett and Pekovic. Where Williams is concerned, I am targeting him in the same way I targeted Pau Gasol last year! Williams needs to bounce back, it wasn’t too long ago there was debate about who was the best point guard in the league between Williams and Paul.

Strengths: Pts, 3’s, Reb, Ast, Stl, FT%

Weaknesses: Blk, FG%, t.o

Josh Lloyd @redrock_bball

Lloyd photo image7_zpsxuwsqvs0.jpeg

At pick 8, Josh has drafted the team to beat based on Basketball Monsters projected standings! From top to bottom of this team a case can be made for every players inclusion. The only scary parts of Josh’s roster is the health and workload of Irving, the health of Melo and the unknown production of Aldridge and Knight. I like Faried this season, I like the picks of Covington, Clarkson, Leonard and Warren at their respective spots in the draft too!

Do you think this is the number one team?

Strengths: Pts, 3’s, Reb, FG%, FT%, t.o

Weaknesses: Blk

Mark Kaplan @DaTrueGuru

Kaplan photo image8_zpsdf2shxme.jpeg

This team is constructed like clockwork, From the very pick Mark meant business. There are a great number of players on this roster that have the potential to break out and smash their ADP. Hibbert has an opportunity to make some noise in LA, there’s talk of Casey playing Valanciunas down the stretch more this season, Kendal Marshall projects to benefit with his first shot at consistent playing time in his career in Phili, DeRozan is hitting a contract year and Reggie Jackson has an opportunity to build on his late season surge in Detroit. This has all the markings of a scary team

Strengths: Pts, Ast, FG%, FT%

Weaknesses: 3’s, Reb, Stl, Blk

Stephen Brown @12_browny

Browny photo image2_zpsxlbrnebf.jpeg

Browny had the unenviable position of drafting 10th this year, in the article “Drafting By Numbers” you will see the statistical probability of winning the draft from pick 10 returned the lowest percentage. In saying that Browny has amassed a team that will contend without a doubt! this team is efficient, potent and has the firepower to drop challengers on their ass.

Strengths: 3’s, Blk, FG%

Weaknesses: Pts, Reb, Ast, FT%

Matt Bohannan @FantasyHoopsMat

Bohannon photo image9_zpsshpxr22j.jpeg

Matty B went BIG in the draft and certainly punted free throws with the addition of Howard and Drummond. Wall, Holiday, Lawson and Mo Williams will run hold down the little man cats while Young, Drummond, Lopez, Howard and Henson bring the D in a big way! the battle of defensive stats will be won on most weeks by The Basketball Jones and there wont be a team in the league that will match his FG efficiency.

Strengths: Reb, Blk, FG%, t.o

Weaknesses: Pts, 3’s, FT%

Matt Leslie @MattLB_

MattLes photo image6_zpsoa2ed7lh.jpeg

The team at the other end of the turn! Matty Leslie had the 12th pick in this draft and nabbed 2 defensive giants with his first two picks in Leonard and the man of the hour Rudy Gobert. some projections have Gobert bringing home 13p, 13r and 3b a game with a FG% of over .600%. these stats will likely land him inside the top 20 for the season if he can keep it up for the whole year. Matts team has projected as very solid across the board and with very little weakness! if you’re not lucky enough to land picks 1-4 in your draft you can do a lot worse than trading back to 12 if your league allows it.

Strengths: Blk, FT%, t.o,

Weaknesses: Ast


Using Basketball Monsters league Standings projections, we can take a look here at just how each team stacks up against each other. Who will be your favourite team this year? Who do you hope takes the title of Superstar?

Analysis photo image13_zpsydg2iuhs.jpeg


Take a second to cast your vote for the team you think will take the title in 2015!!!!!

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