History in the making

On October 3rd 2015 at 4pm ET, history will be made. For the first time ever, a global industry fantasy league will be coming to you live, without censorship and with every single move available for viewing by the general public. You will see every waiver wire add, every trade and will be able to communicate via Twitter with some of the best fantasy analysts in fantasy basketball as they go head to head, every week for a shot at glory.

The league is a 12 team head to head bonanza, with scoring set at 9 categories. The men involved have more than 100 years of combined experience between them and already go to superhuman lengths to help you win your fantasy league.


1 – Kyle McKeown
2 – Sam Macey
3 – Seth Klein
4 – Zach Rewis
5 – Matt Smith
6 – Tom Herz
7 – Matt McLean
8 – Josh Lloyd
9 – Mark Kaplan
10 – Stephen Brown
11 – Matt Bohannan
12 – Matt Leslie


If you take another look at the Draft by Numbers article, you will see a graph that represents a complete compilation of data, giving you the exact percentage that teams won the championship from each draft position. The portion of data was taken to show you exactly how each team in 12 team snake drafts fared in the 2014″15 season.

 photo image_zpsuom8icsu.jpg

The analysis taken from these numbers lead me to a few conclusions.

• The number three pick in the draft returned the best results. The draft from picks two through to 6 returned the best results.

• Without access to the data of exactly who was selected last year at pick one in these drafts, you’d have to assume that it was one of either Durant, Curry or Davis. In a large number of drafts I witnessed an ADP that looked like

1. Curry
2. Davis
3. Harden
4. Durant.

I know also that in public leagues an extremely large portion of people would have selected or have been auto picked Kevin Durant at pick 1. so, this will more than likely represent the low percentage number at pick one.

From personal experience:

• The first 2 rounds do not win your draft, they are merely the catalyst to set up how the rest of your draft selections should go. The selections you make to compliment your core mean everything.

• In years past I have been lucky enough to land the exact guys that I was after through the middle of my draft and didn’t have to do a great deal throughout the season. It doesn’t take long to research what players are strongest in the categories you are chasing, you can do this through any NBA or fantasy site.

• In head to head match ups, I try to keep two roster spots open on my bench for floaters ( players that I can float on and off the waiver wire to maximise games played for the week). I can also use one of those spots as a quick trigger reaction to anything happening around the league that makes a player a must add.

• Be quick and keep an eye on players minutes. More often than not we can predict or forecast when something is going to change in a teams rotation. Whether the team is losing games or someone just isn’t working in their role on the team, you need to have cat like reflexes and pounce on the waiver addition. Seasons are won and lost on the wire, take a chance and back yourself.

Keep an eye on things here, as the draft gets closer I will update everyone on proceedings and give you the links to the various media avenues the league will be using to connect with you.

Coming up next I will bring you BUILDING YOUR TEAM. A breakdown of a standard 12 team snake draft and one way to build a beast.

Stay Super…

Matt McLean @WWFantasyteam

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