Superstars Draft Analysis

The draft is now complete! With 3 weeks until the season starts, we can now analyse the teams and people can start to find who they want to barrack for. With a little help from each and every one of you, we will rank the teams from 1-12 to determine who you think deserves to be at the top of the power rankings.

One thing was certain from the second round, the guys all had their own strategy. We witnessed teams punting all types of categories and let’s face it, with the level of competition and fantasy smarts in this league, it was going to be an uphill battle to build a 9 cat juggernaut.


Let’s take a stroll through the league and break down how the teams fared. I’ll list the teams in draft order so as to make it easy for everyone…..

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Superstars Draft Recap

Well my friends, today marked draft day for the superstars of fantasy. Before I delve into draft analysis and the team by team picks, I’ll deliver to you the full draft results so that you can take a look for yourself.

If you have any questions for the guys, here is the full list of Twitter handles.

Josh Lloyd @redrock_bball
Sam Macey @macetastic
Seth Klein @SethDaSportsMan
Kyle McKeown @RotoWireKyleNBA
Zack Rewis @BigZack44
Matt Smith @SmanSports
Matt Leslie @MattLB_
Matt Bohannan @FantasyHoopsMat
Tom Hersz @tomhersz
Mark Kaplan @DaTrueGuru
Stephen Brown @12_browny
Matt McLean @wwfantasyteam

Round: 1

(1) @ RotoKyleNBA – Anthony Davis PF
(2) Team Macey – Stephen Curry PG
(3) @ SethDaSportsMan – James Harden SG
(4) Big Zack – Kevin Durant SF
(5) Sman Sports – Russell Westbrook PG
(6) The Iron ThrowDowns – LeBron James SF
(7) METTA WORLD POLICE – DeMarcus Cousins C
(8) @ redrock_bball – Chris Paul PG
(9) Team kaplan – Damian Lillard PG
(10) Team Brown – Klay Thompson SG
(11) Basketball Jones – John Wall PG
(12) Matt LB – Kawhi Leonard SF

Round: 2

(13) Matt LB – Rudy Gobert C
(14) Basketball Jones – Andre Drummond C
(15) Team Brown – Eric Bledsoe PG
(16) Team kaplan – Blake Griffin PF
(17) @ redrock_bball – Carmelo Anthony SF
(18) METTA WORLD POLICE – Paul George SF
(19) The Iron ThrowDowns – Jimmy Butler SG
(20) Sman Sports – Serge Ibaka PF
(21) Big Zack – Marc Gasol C
(22) @ SethDaSportsMan – Paul Millsap PF
(23) Team Macey – Nerlens Noel C
(24) @ RotoKyleNBA – Gordon Hayward SG

Round: 3

(25) @ RotoKyleNBA – Victor Oladipo SG
(26) Team Macey – Kyle Lowry PG
(27) @ SethDaSportsMan – DeAndre Jordan C
(28) Big Zack – Pau Gasol PF
(29) Sman Sports – Al Horford C
(30) The Iron ThrowDowns – Draymond Green SF
(31) METTA WORLD POLICE – Nikola Vucevic C
(32) @ redrock_bball – LaMarcus Aldridge PF
(33) Team kaplan – Reggie Jackson PG
(34) Team Brown – Jeff Teague PG
(35) Basketball Jones – Ty Lawson PG
(36) Matt LB – Rudy Gay SF

Round: 4

(37) Matt LB – Chris Bosh C
(38) Basketball Jones – Dwight Howard C
(39) Team Brown – Hassan Whiteside PF
(40) Team kaplan – Derrick Favors PF
(41) @ redrock_bball – Kyrie Irving PG
(42) METTA WORLD POLICE – Mike Conley PG
(43) The Iron ThrowDowns – Goran Dragic PG
(44) Sman Sports – Tyreke Evans SF
(45) Big Zack – Kevin Love PF
(46) @ SethDaSportsMan – Brook Lopez C
(47) Team Macey – Nicolas Batum SF
(48) @ RotoKyleNBA – Greg Monroe PF

Round: 5

(49) @ RotoKyleNBA – Giannis Antetokounmpo SF
(50) Team Macey – Bradley Beal SG
(51) @ SethDaSportsMan – Monta Ellis SG
(52) Big Zack – Chandler Parsons SF
(53) Sman Sports – Danny Green SG
(54) The Iron ThrowDowns – Karl-Anthony Towns C
(55) METTA WORLD POLICE – Gorgui Dieng C
(56) @ redrock_bball – Brandon Knight PG
(57) Team kaplan – DeMar DeRozan SG
(58) Team Brown – Andrew Wiggins SG
(59) Basketball Jones – Jrue Holiday PG
(60) Matt LB – Al Jefferson C

Round: 6

(61) Matt LB – Kemba Walker PG
(62) Basketball Jones – Thaddeus Young SF
(63) Team Brown – Kyle Korver SG
(64) Team kaplan – Jonas Valanciunas C
(65) @ redrock_bball – Kenneth Faried PF
(66) METTA WORLD POLICE – Danilo Gallinari SF
(67) The Iron ThrowDowns – Derrick Rose PG
(68) Sman Sports – Nikola Mirotic PF
(69) Big Zack – Isaiah Thomas PG
(70) @ SethDaSportsMan – Tim Duncan PF
(71) Team Macey – Marcin Gortat C
(72) @ RotoKyleNBA – Michael Carter-Williams PG

Round: 7

(73) @ RotoKyleNBA – Ricky Rubio PG
(74) Team Macey – Elfrid Payton PG
(75) @ SethDaSportsMan – Trevor Ariza SF
(76) Big Zack – Khris Middleton SF
(77) Sman Sports – Tyson Chandler C
(78) The Iron ThrowDowns – Jarrett Jack PG
(79) METTA WORLD POLICE – Deron Williams PG
(80) @ redrock_bball – Zach Randolph PF
(81) Team kaplan – Roy Hibbert C
(82) Team Brown – Ryan Anderson PF
(83) Basketball Jones – Tobias Harris PF
(84) Matt LB – George Hill PG

Round: 8

(85) Matt LB – Dirk Nowitzki PF
(86) Basketball Jones – Robin Lopez C
(87) Team Brown – Jusuf Nurkic C
(88) Team kaplan – Emmanuel Mudiay PG
(89) @ redrock_bball – Robert Covington PF
(90) METTA WORLD POLICE – DeMarre Carroll SF
(91) The Iron ThrowDowns – Enes Kanter C
(92) Sman Sports – Terrence Jones PF
(93) Big Zack – Dwyane Wade SG
(94) @ SethDaSportsMan – Kobe Bryant SG
(95) Team Macey – C.J. McCollum PG
(96) @ RotoKyleNBA – Jahlil Okafor C

Round: 9

(97) @ RotoKyleNBA – Nik Stauskas SG
(98) Team Macey – Aaron Gordon PF
(99) @ SethDaSportsMan – Rajon Rondo PG
(100) Big Zack – Myles Turner PF
(101) Sman Sports – J.R. Smith SG
(102) The Iron ThrowDowns – Markieff Morris PF
(103) METTA WORLD POLICE – Eric Gordon SG
(104) @ redrock_bball – Jordan Clarkson PG
(105) Team kaplan – Kevin Martin SG
(106) Team Brown – Jabari Parker SF
(107) Basketball Jones – Michael Kidd-Gilchrist SF
(108) Matt LB – Wesley Matthews SG

Round: 10

(109) Matt LB – Joakim Noah C
(110) Basketball Jones – Mo Williams PG
(111) Team Brown – Tony Parker PG
(112) Team kaplan – Willie Cauley-Stein C
(113) @ redrock_bball – Meyers Leonard C
(114) METTA WORLD POLICE – D’Angelo Russell PG
(115) The Iron ThrowDowns – Otto Porter Jr. SF
(116) Sman Sports – Al-Farouq Aminu SF
(117) Big Zack – Mason Plumlee PF
(118) @ SethDaSportsMan – J.J. Redick SG
(119) Team Macey – Ersan Ilyasova PF
(120) @ RotoKyleNBA – Marcus Smart PG

Round: 11

(121) @ RotoKyleNBA – Kristaps Porzingis PF
(122) Team Macey – Rodney Hood SG
(123) @ SethDaSportsMan – Wilson Chandler SF
(124) Big Zack – Trey Burke PG
(125) Sman Sports – Ben McLemore SG
(126) The Iron ThrowDowns – Alec Burks SG
(127) METTA WORLD POLICE – Joe Johnson SG
(128) @ redrock_bball – David Lee PF
(129) Team kaplan – Darren Collison PG
(130) Team Brown – Ed Davis PF
(131) Basketball Jones – John Henson PF
(132) Matt LB – Louis Williams PG

Round: 12

(133) Matt LB – Jerian Grant PG
(134) Basketball Jones – Tony Allen SG
(135) Team Brown – Tony Wroten PG
(136) Team kaplan – Kendall Marshall PG
(137) @ redrock_bball – T.J. Warren SF
(138) METTA WORLD POLICE – Timofey Mozgov C
(139) The Iron ThrowDowns – Frank Kaminsky III C
(140) Sman Sports – Dennis Schroder PG
(141) Big Zack – Julius Randle PF
(142) @ SethDaSportsMan – Brandon Jennings PG
(143) Team Macey – Zaza Pachulia C
(144) @ RotoKyleNBA – Josh Smith SF

There you have it, the draft results for the inaugural Superstars of Fantasy season. Keep an eye out today for a full, in depth analysis of each team.

The Draft is almost here

With the draft a little over a few weeks away, I am sure the guys have a few ideas of their strategies already. Personally I have planned my draft strategy at 5 picks deep for every position, just because my ocd doesn’t allow me to enter anything unprepared ;).

I have attached a couple of the league teasers for you. Keep an eye out in the next few weeks as we take the Superstars of Fantasy live and uncensored for the entire season.

Teaser trailer1

Teaser trailer2

Have a great day.

Matt McLean @wwfantasyteam


When you break it down to its simplest form, the sole purpose of playing fantasy ball is building the best possible team you can. The added advantage is meeting some great people and for me with the Worldwide Fantasy leagues, some of the closest lifelong friends I have had the pleasure of meeting. We even have one league in its second year now that we get together to draft live.

Mate ship aside, we all still want to kick everyone else’s ass in the league though πŸ™‚

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History in the making

On October 3rd 2015 at 4pm ET, history will be made. For the first time ever, a global industry fantasy league will be coming to you live, without censorship and with every single move available for viewing by the general public. You will see every waiver wire add, every trade and will be able to communicate via Twitter with some of the best fantasy analysts in fantasy basketball as they go head to head, every week for a shot at glory.

The league is a 12 team head to head bonanza, with scoring set at 9 categories. The men involved have more than 100 years of combined experience between them and already go to superhuman lengths to help you win your fantasy league.
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Drafting By Numbers

The percentage chance of winning your head to head, fantasy basketball snake draft.

Just how much difference does draft positioning in a snake draft make to your chances of winning? Is it as skewed as people claim it to be? You don’t have to hold your breath because I am going to show you.

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Welcome fantasy fans to the raw and bare all Superstars of Fantasy Challenge. We have constructed a juggernaut of a league that leaves no stone unturned in search for the ultimate fantasy monster. If this battle was hand to hand combat, it would be the UFC’s ugly big brother, held in a barbed wire cage. It will be a brutal battle, one with more bite than Mike Tyson and will make you tap faster than a Ronda Rousey armbar.

What we have planned for you this coming season is a weekly view of how we fantasy analysts do what we do. Every week I will break down the head to head battles, the outstanding waiver wire pickups and a little insight from some of your favourite fantasy analysts. You’ll get to see some beautiful beards, hear a plethora of sweet serenading voices and a couple of faces constructed purely for radio as the battle will spill out onto the streets, YouTube and podcasts all season long. All year you will be able to view the transactions HERE .

Without further adieu, allow me to introduce the superstars.
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Who doesn’t like a little cheating before a test? Who doesn’t like to harvest the fruits of someone else’s labour? I love it.

With another NBA season just around the corner, now is the time Fantasy ballers start to get itchy palms. There is nothing more important to me than a cheat sheet, an in depth breakdown of the best players, sorted into position as a reference for my fantasy drafts. I broke down all of my fantasy choices with some absolutely remarkable free fantasy anlaysis tools atΒ

I’m not going to bore you with a long winded article, I am going to reward you, just to make your draft planning that little bit easier. My gift to you…..

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